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Change Made Simple

If your space needs change over time, your Empire structure can change with them. Its design allows you to add modules, thereby adding square footage to your building.

Flexibility Unlike Any Other Structure

Investing in an Empire structure opens up a world of options you may not have even considered, but which could prove very beneficial when the time comes. The Empire fabric building can range from 12′ wide to 140′ wide with unlimited lengths.


Natural Light and Ventilation

Natural lighting eliminates the need for expensive lights during the daytime, while nighttime lighting is enhanced by the reflective nature and shape of the fabric.

Many options are available for ventilation – full or partial side vents, eave ventilation, open peak ventilation, individual peak ventilators, and gable screening.


As Permanent As You Need It To Be

The non-corroding substructure and our high-quality performance fabric provide for an incredibly long lifespan. The high performance architectural membrane provides all-weather protection from the elements with up to a 16-year guarantee.

Our structures have proven themselves in some of Canada’s most extreme climates.  Structures have been built in the high snow-load mountains of British Columbia to the extreme weather conditions of Labrador.


Ready to Move When You Are

Our structures are designed and engineered for your specific application and Empire structures can be assembled and disassembled in sections and re-configured for different applications.

Since they can be relocated, often the same structures can serve many different purposes at many different sites.


Foundation Requirements

Every application is different, but the lightweight substructure reduces the size of footings or foundations when compared to conventional wood and steel buildings.